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The Dallas Mavericks have become one of the most entertaining teams to watch this season, thanks to they’re historically good offense and Luka Doncic’s surge.

However, it still feels like Kristaps Porzingis could step up and help Luka carry the load, and now that he’s back from that knee injury that kept him on the shelf for 10 games, this team could be quite scary.

Still, the Mavericks look as if they could use another piece to help them get past their opponents in the Western Conference, and according to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, they could be very aggressive on a trade as the February deadline approaches:

“They have assets. They have a trade exception and they have Courtney Lee, whose contract can be traded, so watch out for them”, Windhorst said in ESPN’s The Jump with David Fitzdale and Tracy McGrady.

McGrady went on to add that the Mavericks could use a guy that could give them 15 points a night, with Windhorst stopping him right there to reveal that that’s exactly what they’re after right now:

“It’s funny you said that Tracy, because as they look around the league that’s exactly what they’re telling teams. ‘We need a guy with size who can score 15 points a game”, he added.

The Mavericks are currently sitting on a 27-16 record and are locked as the 5th seed in the Western Conference, just 7.0 games behind the conference-leading Lakers.

And now that they’ve lost Dwight Powell for the season with a gruesome injury, they could step up their trade talks for a big man that can score.

For what it’s worth, the Mavericks could try and make a run at players like Montrezl Harrell, Andre Drummond, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Kevin Love, as all of them are reportedly available via trade and would instantly make them an even better team.

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