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Damian Lillard is as loyal as they come but even he has to have a breaking point, right?

At 19-27, the Blazers are struggling to keep their heads above the water this season. Despite routine superstar efforts from Lillard, the team has been unable to turn things around. As a result, Lillard’s loyalty has been put into question and many are wondering just how much longer he can continue to endure playing with an awful roster.

When asked, Dame seemed to imply that he intended to see things through the light at the end of this seemingly neverending tunnel.

(via Jason Quick of The Athletic)

“That don’t have nothing to do with my commitment to the team,” Lillard said. “I mean, it’s not like we are going to do something that is going to take us to the championship at this point. I think it’s more important for us to protect the assets we have, the guys who are going to be here and who are going to help us going forward. I don’t think it makes sense to sacrifice that just to make a desperate play.

“It’s been a tough season, but the season is not over. We can make something of this season as we are, but it’s not worth, you know, saying ‘OK, let’s force something and go do something that at the end of the day doesn’t make sense.’ But that has nothing to do with my commitment. I said it after last game (Golden State): I feel like I can find a way. I can weather the storm. I can go through hard times.”

This type of loyalty is unprecedented in today’s NBA. Despite the struggles, and pressure from the media/fans to move on and win a ring, Dame is staying true to his adopted city.

He isn’t one for joining the crowd, jumping on the bandwagon, or taking the easy way out. Lillard just wants to ball in the place he calls home — he’s here to weather the storm himself.

How rare it is to have a guy like that.