(via Clips Nation)

Much has been made about the state of the Los Angeles Clippers this season. An inconsistent season coupled with a slew of different injuries has made it hard to tell just what they’re going to be capable of come playoff time.

Perhaps most concerning of all, however, is the reports of increasing tension in the locker room. Montrezl Harrell seemed to hint at problems earlier this season only to be followed later by reports of other players “struggling” with the preferential treatment Kawhi was being received by the team.

In light of all the noise, Kawhi is shrugging it off, insisting that nobody really knows what’s going on behind the scenes.

It’s true that nobody knows what’s going on more than Leonard does. He is the one who knows his team, not the media.

On the surface, there is no indication that the Clippers are having serious chemistry issues. Besides some questionable losses, and Trezs’ comment earlier this season, they have looked like an opponent to be feared in the West.

But, ultimately, the biggest test will come in the postseason. If the Clips really do have locker room problems, you can expect them to be brought to light in a matter of time.