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Kyle Kuzma’s name is once again involved in trade rumors, and it’s almost like a yearly tradition at this point.

Since his arrival in Los Angeles back in 2017, Kuz has been the subject of countless trade scenarios. And while nothing has materialized to this point, it hasn’t stopped the masses from including him as a target this deadline.

Kuzma recently commented on all the speculation about his future, admitting that he really doesn’t even care if he is traded or not:

Kuzma is just living his best life right now. In the midst of trade rumors and questions about his future, he’s just focused on trying to find his place within the team.

Meanwhile, the Lakers are dominating the West. Behind the play of LeBron, Davis, and (yes) Kuzma, they are the West’s top seed with a record of 38-11. As things stand, there’s certainly no rush on L.A.’s part to get rid of their young power forward.

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