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Kobe Bryan’s tragic death is still something hitting home for a lot of us in the community. We lost an icon, a star, and an inspiration. For some, Kobe’s death. was also the loss of a friend and role-model.

For those in the Mamba Academy, they experienced Kobe’s impact first-hand, and they often got to come face-to-face with the basketball and cultural icon.

In fact, one of the last videos ever recorded of Bryant features him interacting with some kids from his academy.

Bryant was dedicated to impacting the lives of the youth. He wanted to make a difference in their lives and instill in them the Mamba mentality that he made so famous.

At the time of this video, nobody knew it would be Kobe’s last moments before his fatal crash. He and his daughter, Gianna, were two of nine victims who lost their lives that day.

But even though Kobe’s life is over, his legacy continues to live on. The passion and love he had for positive impact and his family have inspired many to bring out the best of themselves and work towards their dreams. He gave himself to something/some people that he loved, and now many people around the world are reminded of that commitment.

This video is just another piece of evidence of the difference he made on the people around him, even through the simple act of a high-five to young folk he barely knew.