(via NY Daily News)

The Los Angeles Clippers loaded up on superstar talent this summer, and they just got even deeper.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Clippers have acquired Marcus Morris from the Knicks for Moe Harkless and other assets.

Morris is a well-rounded big man who can stretch the floor and play solid defense. He has been the best player on the Knicks this season, averaging 19.6 points and 5.4 rebounds on 44% shooting.

In L.A., he’ll be surrounded by depth, talent, and star-power to compliment his abilities in the frontcourt. As the Clippers prepare to battle against bigger teams like the Lakers and Nuggets, they are clearly looking to add some size to their roster.

As for New York, they get some tools to continue their rebuild — with young players and draft picks as they shift their focus to Barrett and Mitchell.

With just moments left of this deadline, we don’t yet know what other moves these teams have in store. But when it comes to the deadline day, anything is possible.