Credit: Getty Images

The Philadelphia 76ers are in a 3-game losing streak right now, after losses to the Hawks by 10, Celtics by 21 and Heat by 31. This has set the alarms on in Philly, as the team is getting in a downward spiral just when the season is reaching its most important stages.

While Al Horford recently stated “there’s some stuff going on in our locker room and we’ll keep that internal”, things have gotten worse for the Sixers and rumors come and go. They’re not in the position they want to be; not only they have their last three games but have done it with big differences and are currently sitting 6th on the East Conference standings.

Following this, Joel Embiid fueled rumors with another quote that only increases the mini-crisis the Sixers are going through right now. When asked about whether the team had an offensive identity, the big man was clear:

“No we don’t. Spacing is an issue,” he replied in a chat with the media.

“I got to spend a lot of time at the three-point line just to make sure there’s some spacing. Everybody keeps saying, ‘Get in the post!’ but if you actually understand basketball, you’ve got to find that balance,” he added.

Good thing for the Sixers is that they’re still comfortable with their playoff hopes. With a 31-20 record, they have a good advantage over the Brooklyn Nets (23-27). However, things need to change fast, as Philly was seen as one of the top candidates to take the East this season, but so far they’ve failed to deliver.