(via Fadeaway World)

In the infamous “All the Smoke” podcast featuring Matt Branes and Stephen Jackson, Kevin Durant opened up about life, basketball, and what lies ahead of him in Brooklyn.

In one particular segment, the NBA superstar gave his list of the best players he’s ever played with — which features an especially talented group of guards. In order, he named his top three: Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Russell Westbrook.

As a two-time MVP, and one of the greatest shooters to ever play the game, Curry’s spot at number one should come as no surprise. He and Durant won two Championships together and dominated at a level never before seen in history.

The real shock comes with Klay’s selection at two. Does Durant really think Thompson is better than Westbrook, or is there still a hint of animosity towards Russ and their dramatic split? Whatever the case, KD names Klay as his second-best teammate ever, despite Westbrook’s MVP win in 2017. As Curry and Durant’s teammate in Golden State, it’s no secret that he was essential in their title wins, and Durant obviously does not take his contribution lightly.