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The Portland Trail Blazers and the Utah Jazz starred one controversial moment on Friday night when the refs missed clear goaltending. Damian Lillard took off to the rim after splitting a double team; he attempted a layup that hit the backboard before Rudy Gobert swatted it away.

As the main character of the play, Lillard was furious with the officials, claiming they robbed the game from Portland’s hands.

Moreover, this wasn’t the end of this situation. Utah Jazz’s Donovan Mitchell sent a message to Portland’s sophomore shooting guard Gary Trent Jr. and his in-game trash talking during his post-game interview.

“I don’t see why a guy like Gary Trent should come in and think he can just punk us. … We’re not a team that you can come in and just talk trash to. We’re not just gonna back down. … That’s what we kinda lacked the past few games — just toughness,” Mitchell said.

Lillard didn’t hesitate to reply, leaving a short message to Spyda. Mitchell, as expected, clapped back.

In the end, Trent also joined the conversation, appearing to subtly ridicule Mitchell and his remarks.

One of the people watching the whole exchange tried to call out Donovan, but the youngster made it clear he didn’t want to disrespect anybody.

Dame was having none of it and he showed it that with his reaction. The Blazers need as many wins they can get to make the playoffs and losing these games for external mistakes is certainly frustrating.

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