(via The Mercury News)

The Warriors don’t seem too concerned about their current state of affairs. The numbers will tell you that the Warriors are the worst team in the NBA and that they’re in a hole much too steep to climb out of anytime soon.

But when you consider that the return of Steph Curry is due to happen next season, it seems pointless to question their potential moving forward.

Still, the Warriors aren’t content with just throwing Curry in the fold and watching to see what happens. Warriors owner Joe Lacob wants his team to build the best possible roster around their faithful hero.

(via Tim Kawakami of The Athletic)

“Our payroll right now, right now, is well over $200 (million) for next year (counting luxury-tax penalties). People don’t do the math to understand it. We know what it’s going to be. It’s going to be the highest payroll we’ve ever had next year. We know that. The question is how high. If there’s a trade-exception (deal) that we really want, that’s worth it, let’s consider it. Mid-level exception? Very likely to use,” Joe Lacob said.

“The first pick in the draft, if we were to get that? With luxury tax, (that contract would be) huge. Really, the emphasis is on next year. The next two years, our window — Steph’s last two years under contract, before we hopefully bring him back again — we need to field the best possible team we can. That was the emphasis.”

With Steph returning next season, the Warriors are expected to be back in Championship contention. WHat the roster might look like upon his return, however, is still up in the air.

Obviously the team is looking to do whatever is necessary to provide Curry with the best possible chance of winning. They want to re-sign him when his contract expires in two years, and the team clearly sees him as the one to build around.

It’ll be interesting to see wh they surround him with.