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Kevin Durant made some bold statements recently, throwing some shade at his former team, the Oklahoma City Thunder and his former teammates. After the 2015/16 NBA season, Durantula left OKC to join the Golden State Warriors in one of the most controversial moves in the history of the league.

KD revealed a couple of days ago on “All The Smoke” podcast why he made that decision, and his answer once again raised a lot of eyebrows, as the 2x NBA champion revealed he was “tired of having to be the only guy that can make 3s“.

“In OKC I played with a lot of athletes, I didn’t play with a lot of skilled guys, shooters/ball handlers. I was like I need a change — before the season even started. I was tired of having to be the only guy that can make 3s, make jump shots consistently.”

However, during his last season with the Thunder, KD wasn’t the best 3-point shooter of his team in the playoffs. In fact, he wasn’t even in the top five best players in that item. Durant was 7th on the OKC 2015-16 playoffs 3pt% leaders.

Ibaka .449

Waiters .375

Morrow .357

Westbrook .324

Roberson .324

Foye .308

Durant .282

Even though he went to the Warriors and his game took another dimension, with Durant winning two championships, it’s ironic to see how he fared from deep during his last playoffs run with Oklahoma City and the fact that he pointed out that his teammates’ inability to shoot is the reason he left the organization.

Still, he didn’t need to worry about any of that as soon as he landed in the Oracle Arena, as the Warriors and Durant complemented each other perfectly.

**Stats provided by Basketball Reference**

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