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Just a few months after acquiring D’Angelo Russell, the Warriors traded him to the Timberwolves for a guy in Andrew Wiggins who seems like a much better fit for the team.

Just like with D’Lo, questions have already emerged about Wiggins’ future with the franchise. Is he really a long-term piece of their team, or will he be another means to an end?

When asked whether Wiggins could be a “long-term starter” in Golden State, ESPN’s Tim Bontemps went as far as saying that the Warriors would be using the former No. 1 overall pick as a trade chip to add “another star” to the roster.

“No. D’Angelo Russell was acquired to be the trade chip that delivered Golden State another star. The addition of another high lottery pick from Minnesota in either 2021 or 2022 to pair with Golden State’s high lottery pick should allow the Warriors to still do that while using Wiggins as salary ballast. This trade helps Golden State get closer to such a trade, not further from it.”

Wiggins seems like an ideal fit for the wing-thin Warriors, who have searched for some depth at the three since the departure of Durant. Still, the Warriors have made their goals clear: to surround Steph Curry with the best possible roster.

While Wiggins seems like an ideal piece for them, his youth and lack of defensive intensity may not be quite what the Dubs are looking for. The combination of Wiggins and this summer’s lottery pick may be enough to land them the type of guy they’ve wanted all along.

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