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Ja Morant and the young guys in Memphis have no love for NBA veteran and 3x Champion Andre Iguodala.

After being traded there from the Warriors in the summer of 2019, he outright refused to step foot on the court for them as he awaited another trade to a contending team.

Ja and other players called him out on social media before Iguodala was eventually sent to Miami.

Despite the apparent tension, Iguodala did not hesitate in picking the Grizzlies rookie as the guard he’d start his hypothetical franchise with.

He didn’t pick Curry, Dame, Westbrook, or Trae — all players who are relatively young and All-Stars this season.

But Ja has been on an absolute tear this season, which is his first in the NBA. Leading the Grizzlies to a postseason berth, he is averaging 17.6 points and 7 assists on 49% shooting. His ball-handling and scoring abilities have been nothing short of spectacular — so much so that Andre Iguodala (who played with 2x MVP Steph Curry) is taking him to start a franchise with.

If that doesn’t show how good he’s been doing this year, nothing will.

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