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With a 40-12 record, the Lakers are first in the West with a three-game buffer between them and the Western Conference. Right now, the team is just on a different level that is no doubt being led by LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Since becoming teammates this past summer, the two have been among the best duos in the league and the respect they have for each other goes a long way. In an interview with ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, Davis conceded to his teammate when asked who was the best player on the team.

“I mean, I see the thing that this guy LeBron does — what is he 35? — 35, year 17, it’s unreal and every time I mess with him, like, ‘man you’re getting old.’ Earlier this year, he had a dunk on a break and it was something so simple; I told him ‘man, that’s a 3.’ And so when he did the same dunk that Kobe did, he came to me after the game and said ‘yeah that was an 8.5 wasn’t it? And I was like ‘ight, you gettin’ there.’ He was like ‘I’m not old yet.’ So, we joke about it but, the things he does in year 17 at 35 still amazes me, so I’ll give it to him right now.”

Davis’ words ring with an undeniable truth: LeBron James is doing amazing things at 35-years-old. Despite all the mileage, Bron is still an elite player, averaging 24.8 points, 10.7 assists, and 7.7 rebounds per game on 48% shooting.

So while Anthony Davis may be the Lakers’ most important player, he’s willing to give Bron the win of being the best based almost solely on his impossible battle with Father Time itself.

Click below for the full video interview between McMenamin and Davis:

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