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Kendrick Perkins has made it clear that he’s not a fan of Kyrie Irving. The former NBA player-turned-analyst joined NBC Sports Boston to help call the matchup between the C’s and the Houston Rockets.

In one of several interventions, Perkins even shared his well-known distaste for former Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving and his entire tenure with the team.

“You know, when I was playing for the Celtics I never really focused on the crowd or the fans, I was so locked in,” Perkins said. “But now that I’m an analyst and I’m retired, it’s amazing how many Celtics fans there are around the world. Do you hear these chants right now? Let’s go Celtics.

“And Kyrie Irving didn’t want to play for this franchise,” Perkins added. “Every time I think of that guy, I want to throw up.”

It’s not a secret that nobody in Boston is happy about the way Kyrie managed himself during his time with the 17-time NBA champions, and Perkins only expressed the general feeling. Right now Irving is part of the Brooklyn Nets, where he’s been struggling to find a good form for him and his team.

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