(via CBS Sports)

There is no questioning Karl-Anthony Towns’ importance to the Timberwolves. Since his debut in 2015, Towns has been the de-facto face of the franchise. And when the Wolves offered him that hige extension in September of 2018, the organization is completely bought-in on him as the future of the team.

But, according to Nick Friedell, the rest of the NBA isn’t as keen on Towns and his status as a star in the league. For some, his immaturity and limitations as a leader severely compromise his status as one of the league elites.

Friedell isn’t the only one to make a case against KAT. Last week, Amin Elhassan laid into the Wolves star for his lack of defensive effort.

The feeling around the league seems to be a lack of any real change on Towns’ part. Guys who have tried to demand more from KAT (Butler, Thibs) were let go by the franchise, and it’s unlikely D’Lo will inspire any real effort from him on the defensive end either.

For the Timberwolves to turn things around, they will need to start buckling up on defense. There isn’t a lot of faith out there that they can do it. D’Angelo Russell and Karl-Anthony Towns clearly have a lot of work to do if they want to prove everyone wrong.