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Joel Embiid hasn’t been on the best terms with the Philadelphia 76ers and their fans in recent hours, with the big man receiving boos and criticism. Some roster issues and the lack of good results from the team have taken to this situation, and JoJo is getting all the bad comments.

Recently, during a game against the Chicago Bulls, Embiid told the Sixers crowd to shut up after making a clutch three. He then took to social media to post cryptic messages and fans were pissed about it.

As a matter of fact, a Philadelphia sports radio took a big shot at the big man, asking for the team to get him out of the city.

“Get this bum out of this city. I don’t care for him anymore. He’s worthless. He’s fat…I don’t want him on my team.”

This was a general feeling in Philly, as Embiid got booed during the players’ introduction on Tuesday night game against the Clippers.

Fortunately, all of that changed when he scored his first points. Moreover, it looks like everything is forgotten now as the Sixers won a big game against the Clips, with JoJo posting on Twitter after the game.

It remains to be seen how this continues developing. Some rumors even suggest Embiid could be departing in the future if the Sixers don’t have a long playoffs run this season.

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