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As a 19-year basketball veteran, 10x All-Star, and 2008 Finals MVP, Paul Pierce certainly knows a thing or two about basketball.

But in a chat with Rachel Nichols on ESPN, he made a pretty glaring mistake. When talking about the Raptors and the possibility they go on to beat the Nets on Wednesday for their 16th straight win, Pierce confidently bet “the house” that they would come out victorious.

Unfortunately, Pierce was proven utterly wrong, as the Nets actually beat the Raptors by double-digits to snap the win streak. And no, it wasn’t Paul’s first time making the wrong prediction on national television.

In last year’s playoffs, he promised that the “series was over” after the Celtics went up 1-0 against the Bucks in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. He also famously picked the Bucks to win the next round against the Raptors after they went up 2-0.

At this point, Pierce is on a bit of a streak here that many in the community find border-line impressive.

But, on a serious note, you can’t blame him for picking the Raptors to continue their streak. They have been on an absolute roll lately, and it seemed like they were truly invincible for a time.

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