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This NBA season is truly an enigma. Without any clear favorite to win the title, the league is in for its most unexpected postseason in years.

Regarding the Finals, in particular, there have been two rather weird consistencies over the past 9 years: the Miami Heat and Andre Iguodala. Dating back to 2010, either the Heat or Iguodala have participated in every single Finals series.

For the first few years, the infamous LeBron-led “Big Three” and made it four straight when they beat the Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals back in 2014.

Once LeBron went to Cleveland, the Heat fell off a bit and their turn was over. But it was Iguodala and the Warriors who would take over and start a streak of their own. He helped lead the Warriors to the next five Finals — leading up to 2019 when they lost to the Toronto Raptors to mark their 5th straight appearance.

You see, if it wasn’t the Heat, it was Iguodala. And, interestingly enough, they’re on the same side now. Following Iggy’s trade to Miami, he signed a multi-year extension to stay with the franchise long-term. Considering their current record, they have a real chance to be contenders for years to come.

If Iggy and Miami make it to the Finals this year, it’d be the 10th year either Miami or Andre Iguodala has appeared in the contest. Obviously, the Heat are going to do what they can to make that scenario a reality.

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