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Speaking to Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman on ESPN’s First Take, Dwyane Wade explained what he thinks young players of today should take from guys like Kobe Bryant and Giannis Antetokounmpo.

“Don’t wait. Giannis is not waiting. I think a lot of guys do that. Wait and say, ‘oh next year, or next year.’ When I came in, third year a Championship, I ain’t got time to wait. Let’s get this going, let’s get it on. My thing with these guys is you got talent, take that talent — like our friends and a lot of our mentors are idoling Kobe — take what you have and go at it, go after it. Work, work work. And that’s what I want to see these guys do, man. I want to see a guy like Ben Simmons look at what Giannis did and say ‘I’m not waiting. I want to be league MVP now and not later.”

(start at 4:00)

Wade’s message is simple: don’t wait. Guys like Kobe and Giannis did not sit around waiting for their chance to shine or step up. They played at their own pace, and one that was hungry and intense.

It seems so many today are more keen on waiting for a “chance” than seizing the opportunity and flipping things in their favor regardless of the circumstances.

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