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There have been rumors that Giannis Antetokounmpo is on the fast-track to Miami. With Jimmy Butler, Pat Riley, and a cast of talented young players, why wouldn’t Giannis be interested?

But, in a message relayed by his agent Alex Saratsis, the Greek Freak is a guy who is all about loyalty.

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“Giannis believes in loyalty, he believes in the people who’ve been there with him from the beginning, and I think he feels that kinship to the city because they have really helped raise him,” he said…

“Is he a client you could see staying with one team for his whole career?” asked [interviewer Pete] Zervakis.

“Yeah, I think so. Obviously everybody talks about his impending free agency, and I think everything is open,” Saratsis said. “I think he’s someone who could easily say, ‘I’d like to be in Milwaukee my entire career.’ I think he’s also someone who, depending on how the team does, could say, ‘I need a change.’ But for him, staying is absolutely a viable option.”

Loyalty to one team is a dying tradition in today’s NBA. Stars like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, and Kyrie Irving are taking advantage of the player empowerment movement. They switch teams like we switch shirts.

Giannis seems to be one of the few who are resisting this trend. Despite Milwaukee’s past failures, and their struggles to lure quality free-agents, Antetokounmpo is committed to the city and the franchise. He’s a believer in loyalty.

And that loyalty might just be rewarded this spring.