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With All-Star Saturday night just a few hours away, Michael Jordan reminisced on the best dunk he’s personally ever seen in the contest.

Among the best dunkers and high-flyers, it’s Vince Carter who takes the cake with his elbow slam from the 2000 dunk contest.

“The most amazing dunk I have ever seen is probably Vince Carter when he hung his elbow in the rim,” Jordan said, via the Star Tribune. “To me that was, without question, just unbelievable.”

For those that haven’t seen the dunk, it really might be the best of All-Time.

Pretty unreal athleticism from Carter and we have yet to see anything similar. But today, two decades later, we’re faced with a contest that may very well live up to the hype. With Aaron Gordon, Derrick Jones Jr., and Dwight Howard, it’s sure to be a good time.

But perhaps nothing will live up to the legendary performance in 2000. The elbow dunk wasn’t the only spectacular sight that day.

And while it’s a shame we’ll never get to see Carter and MJ duel it out in a contest (MJ won one against Wilkins over three decades ago), we’ll always have this clip to remind us that — even for a moment — Vince Carter was able to do the impossible.