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LeBron James and Dwayne Wade (also helped by Chris Bosh) dominated the basketball world from 2010 to 2014, making it to four straight trips to the NBA Finals and winning a couple of championships.

They became one of the deadliest duos the league has ever seen. The two best players from the legendary 2003 class went toe-to-toe to take South Beach to the top of the world, and they fulfilled their task.

It’s well known that LeBron and Wade have held a close friendship from even before they were teammates, as James, Wade, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Paul were constantly spotted hanging out, getting a drink, and even training.

However, when James decided to take his talents to South Beach, no one had the slightest clue of what he was going to do. Not even his close friend Dwyane Wade, who found out about the news like the rest of the world.

James held a – now-infamous – ESPN special called ‘The Decision’, where he had a sitdown to let the world know about his intention to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers and pursue a Championship elsewhere.

And ESPN recently revealed some unseen footage of the Wade family watching the show like hundreds of thousands of Americans. He even threw a watching party to see if LeBron was going to jump on board and join Erik Spoelstra’s team.

Wade and his peers were clearly ecstatic when LeBron announced that he was indeed planning to join the Heat, as they knew they’d have the strongest one-two punch in the league since Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant.

Needless to say, the duo lived up to the hype. They built an even stronger bond on and off the court and gave us one of the most entertaining teams to watch in NBA history. Also, James finally won a ring and then had his well-deserved redemption by going back home to Cleveland.


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