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As Adam Silver so kindly alluded to the other day, the NBA is still feeling the effects of Daryl Morey’s infamous Hong Kong tweet.

Estimated to have cost them around $400 billion, the league is doing what they can to stop the bleeding — but the damage is pretty much already done.

Last night, the Chinese broadcast of the All-Star game showed they are still very serious about censoring their opposition, as they blocked the entire Rockets logo from James Harden’s jersey.

Near the start of the season, Rockets GM Daryl Morey sent out a tweet in support of the Hong Kong protests. China took it personally and pretty much cut all ties with the league for a while.

Though the relationship between China and the NBA appears to be on the up, things may never be the same between them again. For the Rockets especially, it is likely that the Chinese government will continue to censor their team so long as their GM, Daryl Morey, remains a part of the organization.

Hopefully, in time, we can forget about this whole ordeal.

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