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Kevin Durant recently joined Bleacher Report’s “Take It There with Taylor Rooks.” The now Brooklyn Nets superstar opened up about a lot of things in a 17-minute interview, discussing several topics, starting from all the Knicks rumors to Kobe Bryant to his love of hip-hop.

When the interview was nearing its end, Durant was asked to explain some of his old tweets. First of all, he was asked what was going through his mind when he tweeted this in 2010: “Twitter is better than goin’ to da club.”

According to the former Oklahoma City Thunder, Golden State Warriors player, this tweet was born after he had a revelation:

“I was having a whack night in the club that night,” he narrated. “Nobody was dancing. Everybody was just staring at each other, and I was like, ‘This is what I come here for?’ I guess I had an epiphany. When I have an epiphany in my mind, sometimes I say it, and that was one of those times.”

Besides, in 2009, Durant tweeted about a traumatic experience he had as a child when he “got robbed by a dog.”

“I was in kindergarten, walking to the bus by myself, and a dog came out of nowhere,” said Durant. “I’m reaching in my pocket when I got on the bus. ‘Damn. I can’t eat today.’ It must have fell out of my pocket. And I was like, ‘I got robbed by a dog. The dog got me.’”

KD certainly has a lot more stories to share and he’s always willing to talk about them with fans on Twitter.

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