(via Washington Post)

It’s not often that the NBA crosses paths with Major League Baseball. As a sport with two different demographics, there isn’t a whole lot of overlap there.

But in the midst of a major cheating scandal regarding the 2017 MLB Champion Houston Astros, Lebron James gave his perspective, admitting that he’d be “irate” and demanding that the league step in and fix it.

For those that don’t know, it recently came to light that the Astros were using cameras to steal opposing teams’ signs during the 2017-18 season. With the knowledge they were able to illegally gain, they informed their batters what kinds of pitches would be thrown and thus gained a pretty significant advantage over their competitors.

Despite guys being fired from the team, and being handed multi-year suspensions, they were able to keep their world-series victory — something many in the community feel should have been stripped from them.

The MLB clearly has not done enough in the eyes of the player. And, according to LeBron James, those at the top need to really listen to what their stars are saying.