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As the newly elected VP of the NBPA, Kyrie Irving has been given an official platform to speak on behalf of his peers. With a mission to ensure that the rights of players are protected and accurately represented, Irving will have a significant say in making certain moves that impact his fellow players.

For some, his new post is deeply concerning.

On ESPN’s First Take, Max Kellerman laid into the Nets star, saying his ideas are “poorly expressed.”

“His social media ramblings are poorly written, he’s bad at expressing himself at least in the written language, (his) ideas are uninteresting and they’re poorly expressed”

(starts at 5:30)

In what we’ve seen from him in Cleveland and Boston, he hasn’t exactly demonstrated great leadership skills. He quit on the Cavs, demanded a trade away from LeBron, he called out his Celtics teammates in public, and routinely posted mysterious/cryptic messages on social media.

Kyrie’s methods (especially in Boston) created a lot of angst and tension between him and his teammates. And while we have yet to see what kind of moves he’ll make as the NBPA VP, it’s understandable why people would be concerned.

It will be interesting to see if those concerns end up being confirmed.

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