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Losers of eight in their last ten, the Cleveland Cavaliers are on the fast track to nowhere this season. Their dysfunction and toxic attitude have been a theme all year long, headlined by the firing of interim head coach John Beilein.

Speaking on Inside the NBA, league analyst and 11x All-Star Charles Barkley flamed the players for the way they handled the situation.

“I thought what they did to coach Beilein was ridiculous & unprofessional. I think the veterans on that team weren’t leaders. I think the young guys that can’t play think they’re better than they are & tried to get that man fired.”

Beilein was essentially forced to take a new position within the organization. In the midst of major turmoil and struggles, it seems a culture of blaming and finger-pointing has become the norm for the franchise.

Meanwhile, the players themselves have been putting forth an abysmal product on the court. Behind the scenes, only those with first-hand experience can speak to what is going on — and it can’t be very good.

All in all, Barkley’s concerns are shared by many within the NBA community and it’s only a matter of time until it all explodes.

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