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The Houston Rockets have every expectation of winning a Championship this June. With Russell Westbrook, James Harden, and a roster tailored to their specific system, they are feeling confident in their chances to win it all.

Without the presence of the Golden State Warriors looming overhead, they have nothing to fear entering the 2020 postseason.

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“We basically changed out a guy who’s 6-10 to a guy who’s 6-7, 6-8,” he said. “Are you really that much smaller? It makes the big guy for the other team go out on the perimeter. Did you see Rudy Gobert trying to keep up with Russell? Russell was running him around like crazy. It’s working.”

“None of us fear L.A. or the Clippers or Denver like we feared Golden State,” he said. “It’s not like how we were scared of them. We could easily win the West this year or get knocked out in the first round. Both L.A. teams, Denver, Houston, we’re all excellent teams. Just comes down to somebody gets hot and makes a shot. Our chances are as good as they’ve ever been.”

At the peak of the Warriors’ run, there was little hope of beating them. The powers of Steph, Klay, Durant, and Draymond were just too much to compete with at the time.

But with the Warriors a non-factor in the title chance this year, it might be the Rockets’ best chance to hoist that Larry O’Brien.

We’ll see soon enough whether or not they can capitalize on that opportunity.

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