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The Brooklyn Nets are poised to be among the top teams in the East next season. With Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and a talented cast of role-players, the bar has been set pretty high for their standing next season.

Still, they are looking to tweak and adjust their roster ahead of their Championship run — and Spencer Dinwiddie could be their means of change.

In an article by Ian Begley of SportsNet New York, the Nets and Magic may consider a Dinwiddie/Aaron Gordon swap this summer.

“Some members of the Magic and Pistons, specifically, had internal interest in exploring trades for Dinwiddie prior to the trade deadline, per SNY sources. Could a package including Dinwiddie have landed a player like Aaron Gordon from Orlando? Is Gordon the kind of player that can help push Brooklyn into the East’s upper echelon? Some execs believe a player like Gordon can help Brooklyn but wouldn’t push them into the echelon of NBA title contender. But again, the only person whose opinion truly matters here is Marks’ and the Nets’ players he consults.”

With Irving, Dinwiddie, Harris, LeVert, and Garrett Temple, the Nets have a bit of a rotation problem in their backcourt. Trading Dinwiddie for a quality young big would help alleviate a crowded guard rotation and would bring in an additional talent better fitted for their stars.

Gordon would be an ideal player for the Nets. As a 24-year-old high-flying big man, he’s averaging 14 points, 7.5 rebounds, and 3.3 assists on 43% shooting. Put him next to Kyrie, Durant, and DeAndre Jordan, and he could thrive as a third option.

Expect the Nets to pursue this possibility as the offseaosn draws near.

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