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Giannis Antetokounmpo has never been known for being a threat from downtown. Actually, he wasn’t truly efficient from midrange either until last season.

That’s why his doubters still claim he’s not the best player in the world, as defenses can just collapse the paint and expose him in the playoffs because of his lack of range.

However, while Giannis is far from a sharpshooter, he gets more criticism for not taking that many three-pointers than a lot of starting point guards in the league that have been even worse.

To put it in context, Giannis has knocked down 77 three-pointers this season. While unimpressive, it’s still more than half of the league’s starting point guards or point guards that are playing big minutes.

Believe it or not, Giannis has scored more threes than Patrick Beverley (69), Eric Bledsoe (66), Mike Conley (63), Tomas Satoranski (62), Shabazz Napier (60), Malcolm Brogdon (58), Ricky Rubio (57), Russell Westbrook (47), Derrick Rose (43), De’Aaron Fox (40), Ja Morant (39), Dejounte Murray (29), Markelle Fultz (27), Elfrid Payton (14), and Ben Simmons (2).

Antetokounmpo is a career 28% shooter from downtown and he’s shooting them at 31% this season, knocking down 1.5 of his 4.7 attempts per game, which are all career highs.

So obviously, it’ll still take a while before Giannis becomes a consistent scorer from beyond the arc, but there’s no need to slander him as he’s kept improving in that regard, unlike several other players.

The Milwaukee Bucks became the fastest team on NBA history to clinch a playoff berth and that’s with Giannis playing exactly the way he knows how to play.

Obviously, it’ll all be different in the playoffs when defensive adjustments could make the biggest difference, but he’s proven to be a reliable scorer and an improving shooter since the start of the season.

So next time you try and give Giannis a hard time because of his lack of range, take a look at some of the other players in the league that should be knocking down three-pointers at a high clip.

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