Gilbert Arenas is a complete character and the former Washington Wizards star is trying to get the most fun out of this crazy situation with the coronavirus and the NBA suspension. Arenas, as he usually does, posted a fun post on Instagram showing how basketball is going to be played from now on after the coronavirus outbreak.

The video shows two players wearing safety gear while playing a pickup game. A lot of people have joked about this possibility, but Arenas took things to another level.

Moreover, he also appeared wearing a mask while playing the Toronto Raptors on NBA 2K20.

Even though this is a sensitive topic right now, it’s good to see people trying to find ways to have fun while the NBA, as well as other major sports competition, is suspended. Gilbert has been known for these types of things and fans can’t be happier about it.

On a more serious note, the coronavirus took the world by storm and it’s mandatory for people to remain safe and not take any risks. The NBA is already suspended after some of its players tested positive for the COVID-19 and this situation needs to be managed very carefully.