(via Bright Side Of The Sun)

We may not be seeing NBA basketball for a while, but it doesn’t mean we’ll have to go without 2k.

Prior to Adam Silver’s announcement on Thursday, the Phoenix Suns confirmed that they will be playing a part of their schedule using NBA 2k and streaming it live on Twitch.

It’s most likely that the games will be played almost completely by the computer. Because the league has limited group activities for the next few weeks, it won’t be an actual person-vs-person type of situation.

Still, it’s interesting to see the Suns adapt to the situation. As they await the return of their season, they’re decided to keep their fans entertained by different means.

The NBA isn’t the only group going digital either. Many schools and workplaces are transitioning to online as they attempt to contain the virus.

As for the NBA, and the possibility of eSports occupying our time, no other teams have followed suit so far. But it doesn’t mean none will.

Expect organizations around the league to consider all possibilities in the days and weeks ahead.