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With the NBA season on ice, nobody knows what to expect in the weeks and months to come. Wen will the season return? Will the season resume where it stopped, or will the leagued decide to skip straight to the playoffs?

In the wake of all of these questions, Brooklyn’s Spencer Dinwiddie proposed an interesting idea as to how the NBA should proceed going forward.

The idea of a 28-team tournament is certainly an interesting one, and it would give all teams the chance to play for the title. It would also shake things up and make things extremely interesting for the fans.

(Credit: Sideline Sources)
(Credit: Sideline Sources)
(Credit: Sideline Sources)

Obviously something like this would be hard to pull off — changes of this magnitude always are. But it’s definitely something the league should consider, given the circumstances and the level of hype this would generate.

And, who knows, if it sticks, they could even make it a permanent staple going forward.

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