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With the sports world experiencing an unprecedented silence, it has left us all with our own thoughts.

For Atlanta star Trae Young, he let us into his mind in an interview with Taylor Rooks on “Take It There.” When asked to pick three shooters to face off against in a hypothetical All-Time three-point shooting contest, his answer did not disappoint.

“Um, Steph would be in there, Reggie Miller would be in there, and, probably, Ray Allen.”

A three-point shootout between Trae, Steph, Reggie, and Ray would be amazing. By all accounts, they are the best when it come to shooting from distance.


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Who wins Trae Young’s dream three-point shootout? 🎯 Trae, Steph, Reggie, or Ray? (@taylorrooks)

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Of course, there are a few names he missed — like Larry Bird, Klay Thompson, and Steve Nash. But considering he could only pick three players, he did alright.

Of the four (Trae, Steph, Ray, Reggie) Curry has the highest 3-point percentage of all of them at 43% followed by Allen at 40%, Reggie at 39.5%, and Trae Young at 34%.

It is likely that as the three-pointer become more and more popular, we will see many more players enter this conversation. But, for now, we’ll be willing to watch anyone shoot the ball at this point. Please, NBA, come back soon.