Instagram model Katya Elise Henry isn’t stopping sending messages to Miami Heat rookie Tyler Herro amid the coronavirus crisis and the NBA suspension. A couple of days ago, the stunning model sent a tweet to Herro, inviting him to ‘quarantine and chill’, but that is not the end of it.

On Thursday, Henry added more fuel to this situation when she asked fans what she should do while quarantining. One person mentioned Herro in his reply, but the model admitted the Miami Heat star was already part of her list.

If that wasn’t enough, the player liked that tweet, confirming they have a mutual interest.

It looks like they’ve found romance during the worst time possible, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem for them once this whole coronavirus situation is over.

In the meantime, they have their DMs open to know each other and plan all the things that will happen when they’re free to leave their house to do more than just grocery shopping.

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