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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has shown his admiration for Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant, claiming he’s the player he’d like to team up with if he was active. Kareem had a terrific career, full of achievements and championships, so it’s interesting to think about how he would fare if he played in the current association.

The Big A had a Q&A session with fans earlier this week and he discussed various topics. While he chose LeBron James as the perfect player to play with his 80s Lakers, Kareem also admitted he’d like to join forces with Kevin Durant if both were able to play in this era.

“If I was playing in this era, I would team up with Kevin Durant – his outside shooting and my inside game would really compliment each other,” he replied to a fan on Twitter.

This is a duo that hasn’t been seen in the league before, so it’s hard to tell how they would do together. However, Kareem is pretty confident he and Durant would be good together on the court, leading a team to play for championships consistently.

These two will be remembered as two of the best players of all time and it’s really hard to find two players with similar characteristics to say what would have happened if they actually played together.

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