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LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers were well on their way to a Championship victory before this season came to a screeching halt. COVID-19 essentially put everything on pause — including the Lakers’ title hopes.

And while we don’t yet know how the rest of this season will fare (or if it will return at all), the Lakers better hope it ends in a Championship because, according to Stephen A., it could be their last chance to win one.


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Yeah! I said it:

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At 35-years-old, the clock is ticking for LeBron James. This year without the Warriors, and with his still-fresh legs, it could be his best chance to win a title in the West.

Of course, there are still a number f obstacles to overcome before they can pull it off. This Coronavirus pandemic is the first challenge, and the country will have to pull together and limit its spread quickly if they want to return to normalcy in the next couple of months. If the season does come back, the Lakers may have to get through Utah, Houston, and their inter-city L.A. rivals if they even want to reach the Finals.

No doubt, the path to a Chip is still unclear for L.A. and the path to winning beyond that is even murkier.

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