(via Fadeaway World)

Love him or hate him, Draymond Green is a different breed. He’s somewhat of an “enforcer” for the Warriors — getting into opponents’ heads, playing rock-solid defense, and lighting a fire under the team when they need that spark.

He will usually go to any length to ensure to bug his competition, and it usually gets him in some hot water.

But to the team, Green’s presence and impact are essential to what they do and who they are. For head coach Steve Kerr, he recognizes the difference he makes on the floor and went so far as to say it was akin to that of Michael Jordan’s.

“The fiery competitiveness is what’s different.”

“With Michael, with Draymond as a teammate or as a coach, you feel it. You hear it. You see it every day.”

While Kerr did make the distinction that Jordan was better at “hiding” his emotions over the course of any given game, both players work with unmatched intensity.

For Jordan, because his talent far exceeds Draymond’s, it helped him cement his status as the GOAT as he led his squad to unparalleled levels of greatness. For Green, it helps keep his team moving and inspired despite the hardships they face on a daily basis.

No matter which way you look at it, the passion and hunger they play with is an art in itself and should not be undervalued in today’s NBA. It certainly isn’t by Kerr.