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NBA 2K20 has some interesting things to discover. Russell Westbrook and Dwight Howard have the same 3PT rating in the new installment of the video game, but there is another fact worth noting that involves some of the biggest names in the league.

New Orleans Pelicans rookie sensation Zion Williamson currently has a 97 dunk rating in 2K20. Zion has been known for his capacity to dunk the ball thanks to his remarkable bounce, so this rating makes sense for him.

However, when you compare his rating to other NBA stars, things get more interesting. Williamson has a 97 dunk rating in the latest edition of the NBA 2K video game, much better than LeBron James (85), edging out Aaron Gordon (95) and Zach LaVine (95).

The 19-year-old has such a good dunking rating because his game is mostly in the paint and dunking the ball. Yet, players like Bron, Gordon, and LaVine have been known for being great dunkers, too.

Gordon and LaVine, for instance, have been recurrent faces in the Slam Dunk Contest, so it’s crazy to think that Zion got a better rating than them in that category.

Still, Williamson is great at his job, dunking the job ruthlessly every time he has the chance. The other players are great at that, too, but for the people in charge of 2K, Zion has the advantage in that item.