The Houston Rockets Twitter account suffered a bad joke when one user tricked them into making a jersey of none other than Adolf Hitler. The team’s social media decided to make some wallpapers for their fans, creating custom jerseys for them. Little they knew that was going to backfire at them very quickly.

A user decided to write the name ‘Adolf’ along with the name ‘88’, which has a very twisted meaning. The result was a jersey with the name and the Nazi salute number.

The tweet was quickly deleted by the Rockets, creating any kind of reaction. Some fans believe everything was made by a bot, more so after they posted such a questionable picture. Several people were doubtful about the meaning of the number, which is a way to do the Nazi salute.

“Heil and Hitler both start with H and H is the eighth number in the alphabet. HH+88=Heil Hitler,” another user explained.

This was a bad joke that put the Rockets in a bad position. The Texans have been getting in controversies recently. This is not the type of content they want to be related to, even less after the infamous Daryl Morey’s incident with the Chinese government.

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