Credit: DeAaron Fox, NBA Central

De’Aaron Fox, like a lot of people around the world, is suffering the effects of the coronavirus crisis. A big part of the population will have to wait until this whole situation is under control to get a fresh haircut. NBA players are not exempt from this and some are making extreme decisions.

Fox, Sacramento Kings star, recently got a new haircut, chopping all of his hair before having a very unique style. The ‘news’ was revealed by his girlfriend on Instagram and fans were heavily shocked, just like the Kings’ official Twitter account.

The change is incredible. Many people pointed out he looks like he’s 14 now. Luckily for him, his hair will grow again, so it’s not like some Space Jam thing when his talent gets lost after he shaves his Goku-style hair.

He is seen as one of the future best point guards in the league and his hair was something unique to him. But, as they say, change is good.

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