It looks like things are going fine between Katya Elise Henry and the Miami Heat rookie Tyler Herro. The pair have been flirting since the quarantine started in the US in March, with the NBA player shooting his shot with the Instagram model, and scoring.

They were seen together on Instagram playing cards and hanging out, but it looks like things are greater than that. Herro and Henry continue to flirt in the comment section and they showed things are getting more serious on Monday when Katya called Herro ‘bae’ after the player sent an emoji approving the picture the model posted.

Credit: Sports Gossip

That seems to be an indication that their relationship has reached the next level, even though they haven’t labeled anything yet. Henry used to date Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma, but now she’s found love in Herro, one of the most exciting rookies this NBA season.

Once the quarantine is finished, we’ll know what’s actually going on between these two, but it’s not like there is a big mystery around them.

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