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Twitter is a platform where top sports stars can interact and engage with their fans and the media. Occasionally and, unfortunately, it’s also a place where internet “trolls” thrive.

Giannis Antetokounmpo found this out the hard way after his Twitter account got hacked on Thursday. It has since been deleted, but screenshots captured a lot of what was posted — and it isn’t pretty.


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Giannis has been Hacked 😳

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The hacker didn’t waste a minute. All those tweets came seconds apart and it’s fair to say he crossed the line on more than one occasion, especially with the Kobe tweet.

The reaction online has been one of anger and confusion. How and why would someone hack his account to tweet such nonsense?

Of course, the hacker also played into Giannis’ free agency to generate hype. He tweeted that he was “going to sign with the Warriors,” and it had many people panicking before they figured out it was fake.

In the end, it was an unfortunate situation for Giannis and there’s no telling what kind of impact it had on him or his future plans.