(via ESPN.com)

While there weren’t many weaknesses to Michael Jordan’s game, he did some things better than others. And when it comes to perimeter shooting, even the staunchest MJ fans will tell you it wasn’t the strongest aspect of his game.

In over 1,000 career games, MJ only hit 581 three-pointers and shot just 32% from that range.

But, according to former player (and current NBA analyst) Jalen Rose, he’d be a great long-distance sniper if he played in today’s NBA. He explained his position on ESPN’s Get Up! morning show:

“I was actually in the league doing three of those years where they won their second three-peat. One thing about being a great athlete like Michael Jordan and playing against the late great Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson. Since the 3-point wasn’t as plentiful, when you played against those guys now we look at it as it’s more possessions so you get up as many shots shooting 33 or more percent from 3. But back then it was like a basket or a foul so instead of him shooting 100% on dunks you live with the fact that he’s going to take a 40% shot from 3-point range. Look at the NBA Finals when he made those six — Clyde Drexler let him shoot. He was like go right ahead I’ll live with that because I know if he gets to the paint that’s an 80% plus play.”

Michael Jordan didn’t shoot many threes because it wasn’t necessary for him to do so at the time. One has to think that with how important the long-ball has become, Jordan would have attempted more shots. And because he’s so dominant in the paint, chances are he would’ve had more than a few open looks per game.

We’ve seen Jordan get hot from the three before so we know he’s capable of knocking them down.

The point is, great players/athletes will find ways to dominate. Jordan is no exception.

Even if you stick him in today’s game, it’s more than believable that he would have been just fine.