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Brooklyn Nets’ star Spencer Dinwiddie is allowing fans to select his next team in the association. Dinwiddie was having a marvelous season before the coronavirus outbreak forced the league to stop its operations. Now, while the US remain in quarantine, the point guard came up with this idea to let fans pick his next team.

If they reached the requisite amount of money via a crowdfunding campaign he created, he will let fans select his new destination in the NBA. That is something new for everybody, but Dinwiddie is not the standard NBA player, that’s been clear for some time now. He took to Twitter to announce the campaign along with a GoFundMe page.

Meanwhile, Shams Charania shared a statement from Dinwiddie, where he clarified the steps of the campaign, what motivated him to created and what would happen if the goal isn’t reached.

“Shoe companies and endorsers influence team decisions all the time. My/our biggest endorsers will always be the fans, so I want to have some fun with this while we’re all under quarantine. I hope no owners/team personnel participate so there’s no impropriety on this one of a kind endorsement deal.”

For the player, his biggest endorsers are the fans, so he’s trying to give them a bigger voice than they have in the league. The campaign’s funding goal is 2625.8 bitcoin, approximately $24.6 million.

If they can’t reach that goal, Dinwiddie made it clear that he will donate everything to charity. If they do, he pledged to sign a one-year deal with the team that his fans select.

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