(via CBS Sports)

Michael Jordan’s ‘The Last Dance’ is a wrap so now that everybody has taken an in-depth look at what he did to become the biggest competitor of all time, we can all make or conclusions regarding the GOAT debate.

One of the things that always comes to mind when talking about the best players on earth is Michael Jordan’s scoring ability. I mean, he still holds the highest points-per-game average in NBA history, even ahead of guys like Wilt Chamberlain.

However, most people think he could’ve scored even more points per game in today’s game, including John Wall, who claims he’d average 45+ points a night because of how different the rules are nowadays:

“Jordan’s averaging 45 and whatever else he wants. You can’t touch nobody. You can’t hand-check. No hand-check, you playing (expletive) 6’6 guys at center. The league is totally different. Like, I’m not knocking it, but if you can’t score right now and get a bucket one-on-one, you don’t belong in basketball. That’s what a lot of people pride themselves off of now, just go get a one-on-one bucket now,” Wall claimed.

Wall has a pretty valid point here. There aren’t many 7-footers guarding the rim right now and defense isn’t nearly half as physical as it used to be back in the day. It’s a scorers league right now and the offensive player has pretty much all the edge because of the rules.

Defenses literally tried to hurt Jordan every time he drove through the lane. They tried to stop him from getting to the basket by pretty much smacking him, something that’s just not allowed nowadays, so he’d definitely be closer to  40 points a night if he played in today’s NBA.