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After ‘The Last Dance’ finished, the repercussions of the 10 episodes didn’t last long to arrive. Horace Grant, a former teammate of Michael Jordan, called out MJ for the things he did and say during the 10-part docu-series, calling him a snitch and more.

Jordan always believed Grant leaked information of the team so that Sam Smith could write his book ‘The Jordan Rules’. That hasn’t changed a bit, as we saw in ‘The Last Dance’, but Grant had enough of it and decided to call His Airness out, claiming he was a liar and a snitch.

Now, ESPN’s analyst Stephen A. Smith has given some insights about the beef between Jordan and Grant. During Wednesday’s edition of ‘First Take’, Stephen A. revealed some details of the feud after talking personally with Jordan himself.

“When you talk about Horace Grant’s relationship with Michael Jordan, I spoke to Michael Jordan yesterday, he says he holds no animosity, holds no grudges against Horace Grant, but clearly there were issues in the past. 

Smith explained how things went down in 1993 when Phil Jackson gave more free days to Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan after the Olympic games of 1992, something that didn’t fit well with Grant, who took that as disrespect.

“We saw on the docu-series when Will Purdue said how Horace Grant felt like he wasn’t appreciated enough and he had a problem with that, so there is some residue from that, which Michael Jordan acknowledged. He said to me, you could see it on the documentary when Will Purdue was talking about it along with others, but he doesn’t understand where is this coming from. Michael Jordan’s mentality is that he’s been telling nothing but the truth from his perspective; if anybody has a problem with that, so be it, but that’s his truth.”

According to what Stephen A. describes and what we saw in the documentary, it does look like Grant held some resentment towards Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and the entire Bulls organization. We saw that when he beat the Bulls in 1995 and the way he celebrated with the Orlando Magic.

MJ says he has nothing against Grant, but the former big man isn’t on the same page, as he recently demonstrated with his statements. They played in different eras, so it’s hard to see these guys making peace anytime soon. That’s not the way things were done back in the days.