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Believe it or not, Kendrick Perkins has become a source of information in the NBA recently. Perk had the chance to play with great players during his career and he collected and witnessed a lot of stories that now put him as one of the best insiders, if you will, around the NBA world.

First, he explained how the feud between LeBron James and Paul Pierce started back in 2003, and now he revealed how Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo went from good teammates to have an intern beef while they both were part of the Celtics. After they won their first championship, the idea of trading for Chris Paul somehow landed in Boston, Perkins recalled on an interview on Sirius XM NBA Radio. The different opinions led to the feud between Rondo and Allen.

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“It was brought to the table that ‘what if we trade Rondo and get CP?’” Perkins said. “KG and Paul were like, ‘Nah we ain’t doing that.’ As great as CP is, we just won a championship, we rocking with Rondo. He’s giving us everything that we need. Ray was like ‘Nah, let’s do it.’”

“Rondo ended up finding out about it, and that was it from there. It was even to the point where we brought boxing gloves to the gym, and they got on boxing gloves. We made them box it out for like two rounds.”

You don’t dismantle a winning team. That is the code. Even though the move never took place, Rondo wasn’t happy with Allen’s opinion, which completely ruined their relationship. In the end, Allen would leave Boston to join the Miami Heat as he didn’t feel ‘enough appreciated’ at the TD Garden. He would
win one more title in South Beach, defeating his old team on the way to the Finals.