Skip Bayless keeps doing his thing taking shots at LeBron James and now has found another argument to explain why the King doesn’t deserve to be called the ‘GOAT’, as he points out to the rivals James faced in the East compared to the ones that Michael Jordan had to see.

During Monday’s edition of FS1’s Undisputed, Bayless said that Jordan had to go through a fierce team in the Milwaukee Bucks and Larry Bird’s Boston Celtics twice in his first three playoffs appearances. Meanwhile, LeBron’s journey was simpler in 12 postseason trips.

“In Michael’s first three playoffs, he met the 59-23 Milwaukee Bucks with Sidney Moncrief and Terry Cummings both all-stars. That was a really good team in 1985, that was Michael’s second year in the league. Then in 86, he ran into Larry Bird’s Celtics that wen 67-15 and won the NBA Finals. Then the same Larry Bird’s Celtics the next year, they went 59-23. Meanwhile, on the other side, in his first 12 years, LeBron James ran into nothing but garbage in the first round. If you add up the records of all of LeBron’s opponents in the first round in his first 12 years, it’s 490-478, it’s barely over .500, so Michael’s record the first three times he lost in the first round is 185-61, it’s not even close; he’s running into the beasts of the East back in his days versus the least of the East in LeBron’s days.”

As we saw in The Last Dance, Jordan had to face those dominant teams during his first three appearances in the postseason. It’s hard to make the case against Bayless. He doesn’t stop hating on Bron, but the numbers are there this time. Once Jordan was able to get past the first round of the playoffs, things changed for him and the Bulls.